Utopia Is Driving me crazy

Utopia . I have spent a week and I have reinstalled started from scratch 6 times uninstalling ubunte and utopia it all loads fine the gpu and everything is new working good , But when i install utopia and then click to open it up it comes up on the screen and then as if Ubunte blocks it dosapears into the darkness and i can keep clicking doea the same thing, No error codes nothing any ideas I am all out from qt5 lib ro everythiuhg I have tried wont work

Check your systems logs, application log, etc.

Nevermind but thanks for the advice I only lasted a day after seeing what it was really about. I have decied to just mine the crp on my own and create a platfrom a little nicer then what they use. That basic desk top from free bsd is nice and the tools good but it still has flaws in it