vanillaOS maximizing & minimizing windows

Hi folks,

In the videos I’ve seen of people demonstrating vanillaOS, I don’t consistently see the conventional minimize, maximize and quit/close ‘X’ buttons in the corner of windows. Is it functionality that is yet to be implemented or is this approach some new-fangled concept that one must get used to on vanillaOS?

Thank you.

GNOME desktop environment doesn’t have the typical minimize and maximize button for application windows. Close button is there I think. This is typical of GNOME, not just limited to VanillaOS.

The GNOME you see in Ubuntu is customized and hence it has the min, max and close buttons.


OK. In that case, Ubuntu aside, how does one minimize/maximize application windows on Gnome?

The idea is to switch between the running applications. This obviates the need of minimizing the window.

However, if you want to bring tha minimize maximize button back, you can easily do so:


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