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Why must I everytime receive a link to securely sign in when I want to login. It’s annoying, sorry to say.

This shouldn’t happen if you allow the authorization cookie from this site (and don’t sign out when you leave).

Still: I personally also prefer the old-fashioned username/password method, but the current one is actually more secure.


Not always… you should stay signed in for weeks on the same browser unless you clear the cookies.

We are moving towards a password-less system which is becoming the industry standard these days


I don’t actually remember the last time I signed on my desktop, it’s probably been a couple of months. My phone is more recent, but it has also been several weeks. I think what Mina has suggested related to the authorization cookie might be the problem. Do you have a plugin for your browser that removes cookies? That could also be causing your issue.


Generally I’m fine with the progression. However, sometimes I don’t like the direction.


Yes I use cookie delete from Firefox, but Foss community is listed cookies to keep.

The cookie expires after a certain time period. It should be at least a month, though.

Your browser may also remove the cookies (if you have put some settings like that).

It is important to note that the login is browser-device specific. If you use Firefox, then you have to login again on Chrome. Similarly, if you use Chrome on desktop where you are logged in, you’ll have to log in on Chrome on your smartphone again.

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I understand that feeling…


You should also do the same for because I believe it is that sets the cookie, not the


I just set in my favorites bar and have no issue with sign-in with the community forum, unless I do a history reset. I then have too use gmail to sign back into, I can see the direction, but rather just use a PW sign-in.

I just checked: It’s two months.


Thanks for finding it out :slight_smile: