Video maker for YouTube

Which is the best option to create tech YouTube videos in Ubuntu ? I would have tried OpenShot or KdenLive. I am not sure they are the best when it comes to in-video text animations and effects. Which one do you suggest ? Thanks.

Eg : Make a YouTube video on What is new in 19.10
Simply the best for most use-cases.

When adding effects, you might want to try something like
which I also use.


Since you asked, I can advise you to stay away from OpenShot. I used it for a long while, but recently discovered that it de-synchronizes the sound by default. Not good.

I have moved to Kdenlive and am now much happier! Cheers!

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How are the options for in-video text animations ? Can we do that ? Do we have enough options ?

I am not sophisticated in my use of Kdenlive, but if you look at the YouTube channel “Explaining Computers” by Chris Barnatt, you will see the full range of what Kdenlive can do.

My own video work is purely documentary and very simple.