Video playback with Vivaldi browser gives error on some websites (Solved)

I did a new install of Linux Mint 20 a few days ago and an install of Vivaldi (3.1.1929.45 (Stable channel) (64-bit)). I get an error on trying to play videos from certain websites. I’m able to play from others (like YouTube and Netflix). I tried the same problem websites with Firefox and had no problem.
For example: There’s a video in the middle of this page that won’t play.
But, copying the video url and using it in the browser does play.

(just noticed that when I posted to ItsFoss, the copied URL shows up and when I click it there, it won’t play)
Any ideas? I’m lost.
Thanks! Jim
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Nevermind. It was an addon Extension called Ad-block. Sorry! Jim

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