Virtual Box and installation of Extension pack

i definitely wasn’t trying to direct you away from using virtualbox :slight_smile: i think you should use whatever you are most comfortable with. qemu/kvm with virt-manager just happens to work for my limited use and needs. i believe Akito makes a good point/suggestion about virtualbox being widely used and having good support.

Dear @Akito, Thank you very much. Being a beginner I shall try to follow your advice.

Dear @01101111 Though I am a beginner and a novice i still newer things in computer attacts me very much. Your mention of QEMU/KVM & qcow2 has attracted me , you are not trying to deflect me from my target. What I intend to do is to install a Virtual Box i with LM host following the command given by @avimanyu . and I shall let you know the result. In my spare time I shall read the available materials about QEMU , qcow2 and EasyBCD.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Dear @01101111 I am sending this reply from a virtual Box I created with command from @avimanyu. I have installed Google Chrome and from Chrome I have logged into the Forum and sending this . I have access to DVD drive as I installed Win 10 from a DVD. I have checked and found USB drives working fine. I have kept the virtual HDD at 50GB. and partitioned in two C: 30 GB D: 20 GB.:grinning:
I have taken some snaps in my mobile which I shall try to send via bluetooth in the virtual drive and then I shall send to you if yoy like to see.

Dear @avimanyu, Thank You >Command given by tou has worked fine and I have created a vM with win 10 DVD and USBs are working fine. Thanks a lot. :smiley:

it sounds like you are off to a great start with your virtual machine adventure. i still haven’t managed to get my vm dvd drive working so i may need to take a look at virtual box when i make the time to free up some space on my hard drive :slight_smile:

Welcome @ubhat :grinning: . Glad it worked out for you!