Voip conference software

Earlier today i setup the technology for a conference, big screen and of course a linux computer with the idea of using WhatsApp which all our delegates use most days for messages and sharing no problems. But of course last minute i forgot that the linux platform uses chromium browser as the app does not exist on linux. Of course the browser version does not have video facilities to call.

Quick substitute a tablet with android. But of the 5 external delegates only 4 could connect and the 5th we had to do by mobile phone call.

Ok learned my lesson of not leaving things to the last min to set up and test just one of those pressure time and demand things.

So question what multi platform voip conference software tool would you select

Second factor the room has wifi but very limited copper connection to the net so speed is a big issue even for every day use, when we try to work with several machines at the same time it quite often drops connection especially to the president of the association who uses lubuntu because its simple and installed by his son so no change possible.

Looking forward as always for some interesting replies and solutions.


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We may need a tutorial on this, or at least for @abhishek to highlight the options in a newsletter.

I thought everyone was using Zoom for conference calls/video meetings and ItsFOSS has an article on how to set it up on Ubuntu. But I had issues the one time a job interview required it so I had to use my W11 laptop.

The options I have looked at were more for SIP phones like Jitsi, Linphone & Jami, as I was more interested in making/receiving voice calls on the desktop.


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There is Linphone. It could be worth a try.

Although, I have not used a VoIP software in years. I thought everyone just moved to web conferencing/meeting tools like Zoom/Meet/Jitsi etc.

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Thanks for that will give it a try

The main issue really is the access point and limits on the copper line. I have asked for fibre upgrade but been told not posible which is really silly as the fibre box is located on the wall behind reception so all thats needed is a hole, but the technicians assure me it cannot be done like that, must go underground and through the conduit provided but that is blocked.