VPN server Installation

Want to deploy a vpn server to access internal server from WFH users?
Kindy sugget some firewall or vpn server which can do this job well for 50 users.

OpenVPN is pretty straightforward… I have only one user on my OpenVPN (i.e. me) running on an RPi4 - but - one of my customers has like a 75+ user VPN using OpenVPN (2 x load balanced Virtual Machines) “appliances” from the vendor (i.e. pre-rolled server software appliance from vendor to deploy on your hypervisor of choice - in this case VMware ESX / vSphere)…

Load balancing is done by an F5 I believe - but I also think it also supports round-robin DNS…

I think those virtual appliances are based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, with specs something like 4 CPU and 8 GB RAM each… You can even get the appliance (e.g. VHD or OVF) for free and deploy it - I tried it out on Oracle Virtual Box…

Don’t ask me any specifics about getting it going for multiple users per above… I have no visibility of this infrastructure - I was just involved in the early planning stages and POC (proof of concept).

Hi, thanks for you input.
But is open vpn free for 75 users?.
I have used it earlier but found only 2 users are free, post that license need to purchase.

I don’t know mate sorry - I’m not a “bean counter”… :smiley:

So - you’re looking for something free to use… I don’t know of anything… you didn’t say you were looking for a freemium service…

You should increase the amount of documentation you read.

If you are using the OpenVPN GUI (Access Server), i.e. the freemium version of OpenVPN, then you are only allowed to let 2 clients connect to an unpaid server.

However, if you are using pure OpenVPN without the GUI crap, it is truly free and you can use thousands of users with it. Only your hardware will set the limits.


In fact, there are many VPN services, and many of them are quite powerful. The question is, do you need a paid or shareware VPN? There are VPNs in the form of extensions for google chrome and mozilla firefox.