W get useage to dig deeper into a web page of my comments

I’ve tried using wget on my Ubuntu 18.4 and actually got it to deliver the front page of the format for viewing my old comments on the Washington Post.

But, wget didn’t go any further than just that front page. From my looking at the rest of the code while in the console on the page that has my comments, it looks like there might / should / are a number of directories buried in all the html and java code.

Are there ways to tell w get to “dig deeper” to find the text of my comments? Or, am i stuck with having to go after the missing text and copy and paste it?

I’ve been trying to do a shell script in AUTOIT and got one to compile but the attempt to run it in the console on the Washington Post where I had my old comments displayed didn’t work with it saying or thinking I had java in it. I don’t know a thing about java. My little code is just to look in the file for the words to mouse click on to advance the page and display any additional paragraphs in an individual comment.

Any suggestions are most welcome.

Not sure what you want to achieve, but wget has mirror option.
wget -m -k -K -E http://url/to/your/content

will download everything. (Theoretically)