Want to install Proton VPN

Does anyone have instructions on how to install Proton VPN on Mint?

It is available in the Ubuntu snap store.

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As long as you have snap installed. If not, do so by
sudo apt install snapd

and then
sudo snap install SNAPNAME

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i don’t use it myself. just found a couple of how to’s for ubuntu: gui and cli.

Jan 17 2020: "John McAfee @officialmcafee
Getting flak over Gmail. You’re naive. I am only alive because I make security my highest priority. I use Gmail because, as poor as it is, compared to CIA controlled, encrypted systems like Protonmail, Signal, etc., it’s like an ironclad safe. Encryption’s purpose is to blind the “Man In The Middle”. But there is no man in the middle anymore! Your data is watched as you input it, prior to decryption + read, after decryption, on the same screen you are watching. THERE IS NO MORE SECURITY. There are only delays to access, like Gmail.

If the Government wants to eavesdrop, with Gmail they currently have to get a subpoena. Takes time.

Get a new email address. With Protonmail and others, they just take. Instantly. You are helpless. Even CIA chief David Petraeus used a Gmail to hide his affair from his wife, it worked… for a while.


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Jimany: there’s no way to know if your VPN is correctly configured, in addition to DNS leaking, you have to trust your VPN provider because it has access to all of your unencrypted Internet traffic + all of the sites you visit , so its integrity is important. The next level is to run a dedicated TOR browsing session. It’s slower, and it’s easy to leak info if you’re not careful. (TOR focuses more on end-to-end privacy + traceability than a VPN, whose primary job is to protect your connection to the internet from eavesdropping.

ProtonVPN (43 countries, 567 servers, 663 Gbps capacity
TOR Guard VPN Services
Hotspot Shield Elite VPN for out of office use. Not as much slowdown as others.
NordVPN (DNS leak protection)

Thanks Akito, Glad you have the answers. Now can you tell me how delete myself from your forum?