Webapp Manager on Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS

Any suggestion by which the WebApp Manager 1.2.5_all.deb application linked to the Linux Mint repository be made to work on the latest Jammy Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, Ver. 6.2.0-32-generic kernel with the esr (or snap) version of the Firefox browser?

I only know the brutal way:

change the path to Firefox in the configfile:

sudo sed -i 's/usr\/bin\/firefox/snap\/bin\/firefox/' /usr/lib/webapp-manager/common.py

I give no guarantee that this will work as expected on your system. On mine, Ubuntu 22.04.3 with KDE, it did.

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Thanks a lot, Mina.
“Brutal”? Any fatalities involved?
Nevertheless, I’ll try it out.

Would you mind, to tell us, whether it worked or not, and if so, mark the question as “solved”?

I tried, but it didn’t work. On launching a chosen Web Application from the WebApp Manager interface, it is throwing up the following error:

“Close Firefox: Firefox is already running, but is not responding. To use Firefox, you must first close the existing Firefox process, restart your device, or use a different profile”.

Even after closing “The existing Firefox process”, the problem persists. Tried with another browser also but no success.

You can make your own it’s what I do here is a script to open ITV X

Open your file manager I guess you have Nautilus?
Push Ctrl+H to reveal hidden files. Go to .local/share/applications
If the applications folder isn’t there, then right click empty space and create one. Next open applications right click empty space and left click create new document or create document. Whatever it says in Nautilus?
Copy and paste below into document. Save document as ITVX.desktop

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Catchup On ITV Programmes
Exec=firefox %U https://www.itv.com/hub/itv

For a ITVX Icon download one from your favourite search engine. Place the icon in a folder in .local/applications called Webapp-Icons. reopen document and where in the list it says Icon=/home/your-user-name/.local/share/applications/Webapp-Icons. Then save file To activate it right click the document left click properties at the bottom of list, open the permissions tab second one in and tick the box that says Execute Allow executing file as a program. You’ll see ITVX in your Internet category in your menu or at least in the apps. Follow the template above and you can add as many Webapps as you want, if you’re not using Firefox, change it to whatever browser you’re using? I use Brave-Browser for my Webapps.

In my opinion use a different web browser other than Snap Package version of Firefox. Snap packages are still buggy till this day.


Thanks, Mark. Avoiding the default snap version of Firefox, I tried using the given script on Brave browser, but it didn’t work. Still attempting to figure out the reason of the script failure.

There’s always Nativefier - i.e. it can turn many website / webapps into standalone applications for various platforms - I’ve actually tried this myself, created a “native” Linux application, from a Web URL (it’s a portal for various Remote Desktop utilities)…

You can also generate MacOS applications too…

I haven’t used it for a while - but - it works…

(and their use case is creating an app from WhatsApp web)


Exec=brave-browser %U https://www.itv.com/hub/itv

You have to hyphen after brave, as that is it’s given install name brave-browser.