Webhosting blues

I’m in the process of switching web hosts, and I’m having PHP problems with installing ClientExec (a billing system) … One of the funny things about web hosting is you pay a huge premium to be able to do things yourself. Case in point, I could have been done with this by now, but I’m waiting for support… lol

Just complaining. :slight_smile:


Always good to get a moan off your chest, makes you feel better.
Shame you did not say which hosting service you are using and where you are going next.
I us a UK based one titan internet and been really pleased with the service over the last 25 plus years but my needs are limited and not very exciting. The support that titan offer is great, fast and reliable, never an issue. But I am not doing the same thing as you.
I have several clients who have tried 1&1, fatcow, and I move them to titan due to hosting issues with the original providers.
Better the devil you know…


right now I’m using asurahosting … they’ve been decent, and I was trying to move to racknerd for my website hosting, because they have good prices. Unfortunately I was up all night fighting with their servers, so … decided to can that idea and stick with asura. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. lol

I’m used to running dedicated servers, so whenever I’m on shared hosting it gets me all riled up that I can’t do the most basic of things… its like I could have done it in about 5 minutes, but … support ticket, wait … this that, the other thing… ya know how it is.

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