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I create websites for clients using Dreamweaver and have been doing so for the last 20 plus years, before that pagemill for the Mac, hotmetal pro, frontpage so not an expert but very happy to code in html. But time for a change.
As I approach retirment want to be able to hand over my current sites to my clients to do themselves. Dreamweaver is too complex for most of my end users to manage. Don’t really want to go down wordpress with them so I am looking for a web site design tool that is WYSIWYG and easy to use.
Many hosts offer a CMS web builder … Anyone with experience and which one to use or recommend. My current preferred host does not offer a web builder tool they are just hosts.
Looking at fatcow, 1&1, easy web space… But open to other ideas.
Yes needs support in English for the clients.

You can create simple websites on Github.
It is usually used to document deposited software.

Thanks for the idea, never got around to using GitHub as many items are no longer supported and not much in the way of screenshots or documentation.
As this would not be for me but for a simple end user not easy to find a suitable tool

Have a look at Google Sites, it’s free and easy. Anyone can use it with a google account.

I checked Google sites and it’s to pay for, ok not expensive but does not offer much more than the existing web host provider offers.
Ideally looking for a software tool to download. A few years back the market was flooded with different offers to compete with Dreamweaver such as coffee cup. Serif, frontpage but they have all gone.

Google Sites is still free with a google account, however, in the past I have have uses a lot of programm’s you named, but there all gone. In the end I choose for Joomla and build many website online. But it is not easy and if you are a beginnner you need to know how to make a msql database. But all that information can be found on the internet and for trouble shooting there are a lot of support forum’s. And joomla is completely free and follows the W3C standards.
But if you can’t of won’t a little bit study, there are lot of people to find who can build a website for you or clients.

Thanks for your reply
Looked at Google sites but on my tablet it just goes to a construction page and no further even when logged in through Gmail account, strange as I can do sheets and docs.
Search takes me to Google business which is to pay for.
Thought about joomla but as I want to cut the user free of my input don’t think that would be easy for them, also the hosts I am looking at prefer wordpress as default. Spoke to one of the tech support on one provider and his response was don’t go that way stick with wordpress.
Trouble with IT you blink and things have changed

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I think you are going to have to restrict what the website does , in order to get a simple webpage construction process.

For example, I once made extensive use of latex2html , because I had a number of latex documents that I wanted to put online as web pages. I am not suggesting that in your case, but there may be something like that if your customers just want a few simple webpage features.
For example, can you turn Word doc into a webpsge? Would that be sufficient?

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Client has 2 sites which have both been up and working for around 10 years and they are happy.
It’s just a simple system in html shop window on what they offer

As you can see.

But now retirement for me and perhaps refresh of ideas and layout for them.
Client capable of word Excel etc no problem but not html, CSS, templates, images etc not programmers.

Thanks for the info on latex (originally thought it was a synthetic rubber) a item of software I had never come across before.
One of the pleasures of this site is learning new things and the knowledge of others sharing information

Yes, I like the site for that too.

Looking at those example webpages, they are too complex to make with a simple editing tool like Word. You are going to need a real webpage tool, not just a converter.

I think so too.

Will push the client down using the web builder offered by the host and then just keep billing them for my time as now
Thanks for looking and your opinion appreciate that very much

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Enjoy retirement.
You might find that you have too much time and would welcome a few small jobs.
Keep mentwlly active. The itsFOSS forum is good for that

Hello Paul,

The websites are quite simple and have retro design.

Since there are not too much content. too many complex pages, I could put them on WordPress or Ghost. I am familiar with these two platforms. Can’t say I am expert but self hosting and design modification for past 12 years have taught me plenty of things :slight_smile:

How and where do you host the server? If they are non-profit, I can host them on my servers too.

Thanks for the good wishes.
I plan to continue contributing to this site and others I am involved in plus offering computer repairs on a local basis.
Couple of health issues and after 40 years plus in computing it’s good to move on to spend more time traveling and doing sports activities I enjoy.

Thanks for the reply and offer.
It’s a commercial client and he does not mind paying for website hosting, he is currently with fatcow who offer a web tool plus wordpress but customer service is not wonderful. I use Titan hosts in the UK, who are superb with great customer service. I am biased towards them as been with them for over 25 years. But I the scale of things I am a very small fish.
My client thinks it’s going to be easy to do it himself also he finds time now as his business is well established and most clients recommend and come back.

Then it’s all good :slight_smile:

What are your post retirement plans, if I may ask?

No problems answering that.
I actually stopped being employed at 48 when I left the UK and came to live in France but discovered my services in computing were still in demand so started up my own business fulfilling those needs. Computer repairs, virus removal, system and software installations and website design.
Now 17 years later and fed up with filling in tax forms time to call it a day.
I am actively involved in our village life especially during the summer with different events every day. Living in a french holiday village I get to share and experience with others.
Plus I swim 2 or 3 times a day, cycle, stand up paddle, aqua gym.
Out of season we go away to visit different countries on long trips.
Having had several cancer scares and bits chopped off as a result you start to think different.
Having said all that I will continue (if still required) on this and other similar sites to offer advice and knowledge when needed in computer based subjects.
This site offers me an opportunity to learn which I very much appreciate.

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Thanks for sharing that.

Having lived in the south of France for some years, I can relate to the calm life in the French villages.

Life, indeed, should be enjoyed. The Frenchs know that and it is in their work culture to put emphasis on life first. I think many other European countries also do that.

Screw cancer. Enjoy your summer activities and trips :slight_smile: