What are you buying in the Black Friday sales?


Happy Thanksgiving to the folks who celebrate it.

And for everyone else, what are you planning to buy in this Black Friday sales?

I’ll be getting some premium Wordpress plugins to improve It’s FOSS website. How about you?



I’ve made all my major purchases, planned or not, so no. A cursory look at various online business I’ve bought from this year, the savings are negligible.

Black Friday, is another sales gimmick, utilised by American led businesses, such as Amazon for the UK market. To sell something to you, that you did not realise, you now needed.

Even our January sales begin before Christmas day those days. :rofl:

If the saving with your Wordpress plugins purchase, offer a genuine saving, well played sir.! :wink:



Was about to say that but then I realized how I got tired of repeating this over and over without the majority of readers really realizing how true it is.



That’s true.

For the WordPress plugins, the savings are genuine. I know the prices throughout the year. So when I see a discount tag of 25-50% off, I know I haven’t been duped :grin:



Well, so you’re lucky. The exact opposite is the case for e.g. Udemy courses. I watched the prices for over a year now and basically the whole year they are “discounted” to 10-15 dollars. They are more often “discounted” than not.



Yes, that’s a problem with Udemy. They have changed their business model completely. I once bought a course for $75 from them and the next day it was $10. I felt so cheated. And lately, they run sales like 3 weeks a month. So if you buy any course for less than $10, you are over-paying them.

That being said, you can definitely buy Udemy course because they are short and often focused but you don’t have to wait till Black Friday sales for that :slight_smile:

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Yes, I bought 2 courses more than a year ago, thinking it was a fair discount. Then I saw how often they are at that price. :joy:



I grabbed me some Udemi courses.
Hope they don’t fall to $5 next week… :wink:



How long does Black Friday sales last in the USA. :thinking:

In the UK it runs from 16 November to 26 November. :roll_eyes:

Sought defies the notion of a singular Friday, with heavily discounted items, up for sale, like a fire sale.

Or is it similar to UK airline tactics of advertising seats from £5.00 to certain locations worldwide. In truth, they can get away with these half truths, as they have a single seat at £5.00, but the rest of the seats on the plane are priced at their usual rate.



It’s called the black week but to me it seems anyway, like they are inventing some additional words every year to extend the time of delusion during these so-called discounts.
We have

  • black friday
  • black week
  • cyber monday
  • grey thursday

more to come…

It’s madness for the purpose of squeezing out every last bit of money from the customers by making them eiher believe, that something is way cheaper than it should be, while it isn’t or making them buy something they would never really need, if they wouldn’t be forced the idea of having that specific item into their heads.



Had to curtail and delete my comment, (err rant).

Too many instances of sharp practises, at the alter of the fast buck. :rage:

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Got 100% off by staying at home.



Are you Duch, or of Dutch origin? :slight_smile:
One of my good friend of Dutch origin said that it is a trademark of his fellow people–not–to spend unnecessary money. A most admirable trait if you as k me!

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Namecheap was giving great offers on hosting and domain. Sadly, I bought all I need beforehand.



I don’t particularly like people so I’ve always stayed away from that madness. Always have. But I like you guys! :slight_smile: lmao



buy all of your favorite free stuff here!

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No I am Afrikaans, of German origin.

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