What are your thoughts on You.com search engine?

Discovered this privacy-oriented search engine https://you.com thanks to Vivaldi friends.

For a while, was into Presearch but this one is quite fascinating.
Not that i do a ton of searching, but You.com seems to put out new features almost every week!
Do like its search results. :wink:



Hi Daniel,:wave:

thanks for informing us about this search engine.
In fact I´ve never heard of it but found some interesting information here:
https://www.makeuseof.com/what-is-you-com/ .

I have to look into it first and try it out a bit before I can form an opinion. :wink:

I´ve been using duckduckgo so far as I like e.g. the bang feature it offers.

Many greetings
Rosika :slightly_smiling_face:

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You are welcome! :slight_smile:

DDG !Bang feature is unique, but from what i can tell, You has much to discover.
Just haven’t had the time.

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Hi Daniel :wave:

O.K., that sounds good.
I even found a wikipedia entry on the matter. So just a bit more reading for me. :wink:

Thanks and many greetings from Rosika :slightly_smiling_face:

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Never heard of it. Google en Firefox are enough for me.

If you don’t mind data collection by Alphabet.


I am probably the only one here that still uses Yahoo! I’m not sure why everyone decided to use Google. It seems like I get very similar results no matter which search engine I use. My guess is that people liked the name “Google” and it became a trendy thing to do. I also remember when using Chrome as a browser was the new and hip thing to do. It was so much faster than IE. Bah. There wasn’t all that much difference that I could see.

Guess I’m just set in my ways.

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Things have dramatically evolved over the years.
And when we talk “internet years” it’s even faster.

If people have adopted more privacy-oriented search engines, it’s because they have become aware of the data-collection as the new monetizing thing. Google and others, thrive on this.

But as with anything, don’t only take my word for it.

Firefox is an excellent browser!

And it is easy to change or add various search engines.
Like Bing for instance, which seems to be taking a new direction:
–Microsoft aims for AI-powered version of Bing

Me thinks all this A.I. stuff is going to bring in a whole bunch of (for better or for worse) changes to the internet landscape in 2023.

Actually I also make use of the yahoo results every now and then. I often stumble upon them when using the metager search engine (my second-best bet after duckduckgo). :wink:

By default and according to their settings :

Search engines used

Below you see all search engines available for this focus.
By clicking on the name they can be switched on/off. Switched-on search engines are shown in green. Switched -off in red or grey.

Scopia - Yahoo - Bing - Netluchs - Yandex

(translation via “TranslateLocally for Firefox” add-on)

Many greetings
Rosika :slightly_smiling_face:

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Wonder if @Rosika 's has a final or general opinion on You by now ?

Just noticed today, that You also have their version of Bangs:


Hi Daniel, :wave:

yes,ve employed You a few times to see how it works for me.

Generally speaking I´m satisfied with the search results. They seem to be good enough for me.

As far as my personal situation is concerned I think I still won´t employ it on a day to day basis as the result page shows those small pictures as well.

I like them but have to look out for my data consumption (4G-stick, mobile network only).
And any (for me at least) unnecessary pics I´d like to avoid. :wink:

So I do most of my web research using ddgr in the terminal.

But - as I said - that´s just my very personal situation and apart from that I think You is just fine.


thanks for mentioning the bang feature for You. Hadn´t known it before.

Many greetings
Rosika :slightly_smiling_face: