What Article Should I Start With In A Linux Blog Like Itsfoss?

So, I’m thinking of making a Linux blog like itsfoss, but I don’t know what article or post should I post first, any recommendation is appreciated

Why don’t you first try to collaborate in a blogging community, starting with what you know best?

Alright, But What Blogging Community do you reccomend?

Why not ItsFoss? I can’t speak for @abhishek and the other lads, but I can’t imagine them turning down a new collaborator.


Hi @KITT and @Mina

We do have a Community Submission aspect to It’s FOSS. It depends on a mutually agreed topic and the quality of the article being submitted. We always try to publish high-quality articles. This becomes a problem because some people think that they have written a good article but that might not what the editor may think.

By the way @KITT, if you want, you can write one on this forum itself. We have Tutorials and Resources section where members can share their experience, tips and tutorials.


@KITT When writing an article or publishing a video on any topic, you should always follow some basic rules:

  1. Follow the Iceberg Principle: Most of the content should be under the surface. You should know about ten times more about your topic than what you actually write down or tell.

  2. Make sure you pick up your audience where it stands. Put yourself into the shoes of the reader and imagine what she knows about your topic. So, take care to explain concepts, ideas, terms, abbreviations etc. which might be familiar to you but not to her.

  3. Make sure, your language, orthography and grammar is precise and correct.

  4. Make it interesting: Choose a catchy and informative title, write a short summary and beef up your text with informative and high quality graphics, photos, videos where appropriate.

  5. Let your text mature. When you’re finished and there’s nothing more to correct, close it, sleep a night and look at it again carefully before actually submitting it somewhere.