What Blu-ray player works with Ubuntu?

I want to watch Blu-ray videos on my desktop computer using Ubuntu.
Can that be made to work? VLC does not work for me.
Will any commercial machine work with Ubuntu?

How does it not work?

Can you elaborate very precisely how you are trying to make the Blu-Ray play?

When i put a Blu-ray disc in cd rom player, VLC does not play. It does play DVDs.

Possibly i just don’t understand how to make VLC work with Blu-ray.

That is why i am looking for a Blu-ray player device, a separate machine to play Blu-rays.

This is a pretty old computer; possibly that is a problem?


Depends on how old and what player it has. If the player that you are using does not have Blu-Ray capabilities, then this has nothing to do with VLC.

You need to search the specifications for your computer and see what it can handle.
Usually, there are labels on those big computer players, which should show a “Blu-Ray” label, if the player is able to use this kind of disc.


some more information about (possibly) getting the discs to play when you know you have a blue-ray capable player can be found at the link below. note: i don’t have any blue-ray discs so i haven’t tested this method personally, but have used many helpful tips and instructions from howtogeek in the past. i have also used makemkv (mentioned at the end of the article) and can confirm that when i did, it was in perpetual beta allowing me to use it even though it sometimes asked for a license.


I would definitely agree with @Akito:
Please make sure that the CD/DVD/(Blu-Ray) device can actually handle BR as a first step.
This is a desktop machine I guess?
Then you could easily switch to a BR capable device.

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I’ve got a bluray player / burner in my desktop machine (bought in 2012)… tried many years ago to get Bluray support to work in VLC on Linux and gave up… it was the same price as a DVD burner, so I thought “why not”?

I haven’t watched a movie on optical disk for years now either… even if I’ve got something on bluray or DVD, I still download a “less than legit” copy from elsewhere, because I’m lazy…

I may try again over the weekend (to get bluray disks to play in VLC, or some other Linux media player)…

The whole process looks incredibly complex :

No wonder people just download stuff - DRM drives people TOWARDS piracy, not away from it…

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