What is Disqus and how is it on Handbook?

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Commentor2 days ago edited

Don’t understand your question completely.

Disqus is a commenting platform. It is used of the news.itsfoss.com website because it is AMP-first website and Disqus is one of the rare few commenting platforms that supports AMP.

On (Linux) Handbook, there is a separate, native Ghost commenting system called Cove.


Hi; It’s the newbie again :brain: :exploding_head:. Thanks for responding and I do apologize for not being able to express questions with clarity.

  1. The reason I question "Disqus; I attempted to make a comment on one of your articles, only to find; I had to “join”, yet another group. I had never heard of Disqus.

  2. I no sooner signed into Disqus, (to make a comment), when I found; I already had a “follower”! The profile photo and profile description were quite vulgar, to my way of living and I never expected this kind of thing.

Thus; my need to find out what Disqus was/is, questioning; who might be member and what more might I encounter in the future! (Feeling I had made another mistake).

I hope you understand…learning Linux is a slow process for me and having made so many PC mistakes in the trial and error of Ubuntu; it is intimidating to see things I know nothing of, especially when I attempt to be apart of a forum, from which I can learn.

Thank You Again,