What is new in the latest kernel update?

This morning, 15 minutes before a class was to start, I launched update. 30 minutes later, I had a new kernel. (My student was very understanding!)
Is it easy to find out what is new? It went from #49 to #50.

Try kernel.org. :wink:

Can read through the changelogs there.

On Debian based systems it is possible to run

apt list --upgradable

which gives you a list of the to be upgraded packages, before upgrading them. Helpful in such situations.

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Was this using Linux Mint? If not, which system.

Ubuntu 18.04.2, and just the normal update system.

Since I’m on Linux Mint 18.3, I see that I’m on Ubuntu 16.04. With so many Linux releases, why did you chose straight Ubuntu? I went with Mint b/c the reviews said it was one of the most d/l ones and also easy to use.

Ubuntu is still undoubtedly a solid distro. It’s a matter of personal preference. :wink:


I returned to America after many years in Thailand with only a super funky laptop (yes, that one, @Akito). A few months later, I bought a desktop. I had all sorts of pirated versions of Windows programs, but this desktop came with Ubuntu pre-installed. So I decided to try it out, learn it and get into the world.
Nearly 20 years earlier, I had played around with Knoppix live disks and had a glimpse into Mandrake, but it all seemed just too difficult to me. This Ubuntu seemed far better, and with only a few issues, it turned out to be easy enough to settle in. THen, the upgrade to 18.04 made it completely comfortable to me.
Nothing against Mint, I just started working with Ubuntu and have no regrets.I may switch to Maté (shouldn’t that be matté?) but my computer time is tied up doing 45 hours/week online tutoring!! Not a lot of time to play around.

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