What is the correct configuration for Remmina to receive/produce audio from the source?

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In the same LAN exists some laptops with Ubuntu Desktop 22.04. All of them have enabled remote connection. For 2 of them is used Remmina to get access to the others through the same LAN.
So far this approach works as expected. Therefore:

Client ----> Source

Note: Remmina is already installed by default in Ubuntu.

The goal is that from the client to the source is opened a web browser at YouTube to play a video with audio and should happen any of the following scenarios:

  • listen the audio only in the client
  • listen the audio in the client and source

I’ve already read the following posts:

And even watched this video

But does not work as expected, the audio is always only produced/emitted in the source and not in the client.


  • AdvancedAudio → tried with each option

Does not work. What is missing?

I think, because youtube is an X11 window, you need to redirect the DISPLAY output back to the client.
So use setenv DISPLAY in the source
I think the audio will be redirected along with the video as it is normally part of the display .

So what I am assuming is that Remmina works the same way
as if you were to ssh from the client to the source. Text output will appear, but window displays need to be redirected.

Thanks for the reply

Interesting but I can see the web browser with the video playing in peace, of course the audio is produced in the source as reported. I am going to try test with VLC.


Is your audio part of the hdmi output, or do you have a sound card and separate speakers.

You need a sound server… probably pulseaudio

I thought the sound would be redirected along with the video display, but apparently not?

I can only assume the “server” process you’re using on the host computer is VNC? i.e. you’re trying to use PC1 Remmina client to remote desktop to VNC server running on PC2?

I’m not aware of VNC being capable of doing audio… And even “XRDP” still uses VNC on the server machine (the one you’re trying to control - e.g. “PC2”).

Microsoft Terminal services can (i.e. RDP)…

(that thread has a suggestion about sending pulse-audio over SSH).

Hmmm - I’ve never tried to use Remmina to Windows with sound that I recall… I’m sure it worked though last time I used it (haven’t used Remmina in 2+ years or so - but I did use it extensively 2018-2020/21)

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