What is Wayland, why is it an option during Ubuntu login

I found Wayland session to be buggy on my 18.04. Whenever I try to use VLC for videos, the whole system hangs. I am not sure why it is there. Is it an Ubuntu supported project ? Xorg looks fine and handles everything well.

I have a request, please don’t give me links to big articles. Would be great if you can explain in a few sentences. Thanks.

PS : I think Ubuntu is favouring Wayland for some reason. I am not sure why.

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Wayland is the replacement for the ancient X11… it’s not just Ubuntu - it’s the way Fedora is going too… pretty sure we’ll all be running it in ~5 years or so…

It’s still buggy - I don’t run it 'cause my favourite dock app isn’t compatible (plank)… if you hit issues with apps not running in wayland, logout, hit the gear icon, and choose the x.org option (can’t remember the exact name)… it should remember your choice next time you reboot…

Ubuntu abandoned their competitor for wayland, it was called “mir”…


wayland is a display server like X.org. it is just newer than X.org and apparently what some distributions are considering to so ubuntu made it the default on 17.10 and gave an option to try it in 18.04.

i realize you asked not to be given links. i’m adding the one below because it is where i got my information from in case someone else who reads this is interested :slight_smile:



Wayland is the future of display managers. It’s pushed mostly by Fedora. But others are also tending to go toward it. It is still not ready for prime time (MHO) in 18.04 it won’t support Nvidia cards yet. Though Ubuntu 19.10 promises fixes for that and other things Like VLC , and some other programs have not adjusted to it completely yet. I would stay with X.org for the time being. May be try it again in 19.10. Good luck.


Thanks for the info. Mir is still alive and actively developed. I see discussions and update on them on Ubuntu official community.

Nice question - don’t have the answer but liked the question

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Bye the way another thought on wayland is that gnome development more and more is requiring it as a dependency for things they are doing.

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