What is your favourite browser and why


Agreed. Comes with optional email account too. Maybe ditch Chrome and Chromium and use their extensions.


More interesting replies about Vivaldi thank you all for contributing :+1::+1:


I secured myself an email account there some time ago. Not a bad free email service. Never know what the future will bring. Remember when everyone used aol email? lmao.


i think it has only been within the past year that i found the duck duck go app and decided to give it a try. at first i wasn’t particularly impressed or unimpressed, but they since did away with trying to serve suggested sites and pared it back to a simple search with a focus on privacy. at this point i don’t really notice any difference from when i used to use google. plus, fdroid has a version without some of the hidden bits added to the one in the play store


I use the DDG app for roughly 2 weeks now and I find it okay. I was using Firefox before. The only annoying thing is, that it takes like 20 minutes to download any picture.


That problems is fixed. Anyway, Just put this Ubuntu Mate on this laptop a week or so ago. Nice OS. Went to Mate tweak and set the panel to Redmond. Anytime I minus out a browser it goes down towards the panel but vanish’s. Doesn’t matter what browser either. I’m sure it’s something simple. Any clue?


is is just browsers that vanish? or any program you minimize?


Just the browsers. I’ve looked and Ubuntu mate has had tons of panel issues but can’t find anything concerning my problem. I put mate on an ispirion. I do love the OS -this issue. But plan to keep Mint xfce on my xps—stuff just works.


just booting into my ubuntu mate partition to see if i can replicate the issue…


i just luvs Firefox!


I love Vivaldi as a whole but it seems very slow to start on my machine… Is there any solution for that?


Don’t know the answer to that but you could go to the help pages to find out there is a link to the community there who might know if no one here knows. I’ve not had the problem with slow starting


Using Vivaldi at the moment. Seems smooth, password manager installed, sync enabled, imported Firefox bookmarks. Going into the settings to finish the setup.
About ad-block and other privacy extensions: how do the rest of you have yours configured?


Yep, small but big difference…
Think of “Free as in Freedom, not as in free beer”, as rms would state…


I’m using Yandex.Browser. Here’s why:
Great mouse gestures support. I mean really great.
Extension support (both Chrome and Opera extensions are usable)
Sync works very well between my Android phone, Manjaro and Windows.
Tableau works good.

As a backup browser, I prefer Firefox.


Been using Chromium with my 14.04+ for some many years.
Using Chromium and Opera on my AMD A4 powered laptop with 16.04 but have had security and privacy conderns.

Readiing through this excellent thread has introduced me to Vivaldi, which I’ll start testing this evening.

Chrome, Firefox, Brave all have their great/good points, however they seem so doggone sluggish even when AdBlock’d and other assorted tools to trim fat.

Do so appreciate folks’ posts with some great Reasonably Knowledgeable Individual (RKI) information!

Skip, killer of anything Win.xxxxxx!


Chrome or Chromium - I’ve tried weaning myself off them in the past - but that sync feature is just too goddamn convenient - and painless too… e.g. build a new machine, install chromium or chrome, sign in to sync, then you’re syncing… no messing about (e.g. firefox sync requires you to confirm via email)… plus I’ve got a few chrome extensions I probably can’t do without - one or two I paid for…

“Darkness” (turns some google sites, and facebook “dark”)
Faster bookmarks (does what it says)
Recent bookmarks (find most recent bookmarks)
Habitlab (nudges you to spend less time on social media or youtube)
Drumpfinator (turns every instance of Trump into Drumpf)
Ecosia (I used their search engine - they plant trees)
Office Online (yes from Microsoft)
Vimium (although not 100% necessary as Chrome does allow Vi navigation on many pages natively)
Google Drive / Docs etc
Mosh (yes an SSH and MOSH client - the only MOSH client usable on Windows!)
Gnome Shell integration (yeah I now there’s one for Firefox too)

And it’s the same experience whether I’m stuck using the hideous Windows 10 laptop I have at work (I also keep a personal Ubuntu 18.04.1 laptop on my desk, but some days I forget to bring it in)…

I also use Tor and Firefox-ESR (for some crappy legacy work-based sites that demand flash and java)…


Vivaldi mostly for Gmail, forums and searches.

Firefox for web page development mostly because I can use the following excellent Html Validator plugin. It used to work seamlessly in the background but now requires the F12 inspector loaded before showing HTML errors and also useful help. Give it a try and you will not be disappointed.



Am I the only one with Palemoon?


I use Chromium. It just works… for me.