What is your favourite browser and why


I use Iridium for it’s added security, although it’s still chromium based. I use gmail, and a lot of YouTube, so it seems like everything is chrome. However, I’m concerned about security, even though I use Linux OS.


Well, even on Linux you have to be concerned about security.
cough Dirty Cow cough


Not the only one. I’ve been experimenting with Pale Moon for about a week. So far so good.


Vivaldi, for about 2 years now. I find it the cleanest interface, and easy to set up for the way I use the “Series of Tubes.”
(͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)


Nothing compares to Firefox. Security, privacy, efficiency, many extensions. Combined with the idealism of the Mozilla foundation…


Firefox is fast and I have had no troubles. For those not using FF the last update some months (or years?) ago added some useful innovations IMO…


Chrome because I use and rely heavily on Gmail and Google docs. With Chrome, it keeps everything synced across all my devices and platforms allowing me to work on things any time and anywhere. I know Chrome can be a bit of a RAM hog, but honestly, it has never crashed on me (that I can remember), it’s very stable, reliable and fast - even on lower-spec machines. :slight_smile:


Hello all, Just read most recent newsletter from Abishek, and his feelings on Firefox, privacy etc. Dont know if this is right place but i get on with Falkon (Duckduckgo as search engine).


Yes it us and welcome. The question was about browsers and why and your answer fits in here


See my post from before…
Any hickups yet?


Chrome is my favourite choice because its fast and very easy to use.


Pour ma part j’utilise en général Chrome ou bien chromium parce que je consulte beaucoup de site en anglais et que la traduction s’opère très rapidement avec ces navigateurs.


DuckDuckGo because I am sick of being tracked, and having adverts in my face. I also use Firefox and its good to use.


I use Firefox, and is my preferred browser, never leave in hand :wink:
like also of Chromium, but prefer yet FF engine …:star_struck:


Hello again, After going for Falkon (in Nov) I now use Vivaldi, mainly because too many sites (mainly semi-official ones) wouldnt cooperate and recognise Falkon. I still like Duckduckgo as search engine for its no tracking. I could also post this in “best distro” as I have liked KDE ever since I escaped window BUT. Kde browser choice seems to be awkward - Konqueror/Rekonq have probably become outdated. I tried Quipzilla/Falkon but they are limited (in my experience). So, for now, its Vivaldi - to be continued


Used Firefox for years, until I found it getting slow and started having problems with adblockers, so switches to chrome, then chromium. Finely ended up with Brave, wich is fast and I get much less adds and pop-up.