What puppy to install on old pc?

hello any and all who may help. i have an old ASUS eeePC and while using it during my Linux MINT 21.1 install on my regular laptop, i learned its version of puppy is no longer supported.
i searched and found out how to tell if it is 32 or 64 bit (width?) but for different aspects, both come up (and ASUS never responded to my email). all the diff CPU aspects are 64 bits (width), yet id’s = pci’s, are 32 bits (width), multimedia audio devise is 64 bits… so i go by the CPU & pick a 64 bit OS? (as one of you said, try the 64 bit and if it doesn’t work, get the 32 bit OS…) but what puppy? it needs to be a lightweight distro - the eeePC is from 2011…slowish… many thanks for your thoughts, experience , from @sarah_j

Hi Sarah,
If you start up your ASUS with the old version of puppy, and cd to
and do
cat cmdline
you will see the official name of the current version of puppy.
It should contain x86_64
if it is a 64 bit version of puppy linux

Choose a new version of puppy with a similar name… I dont know exactly what to recommend.


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eeePC is a netbook with an atom or celeron (maybe even single core?)

anyway - it’s been my experience, Intel Atom, while on paper 64 bit capable, something like the Samsung N150 netbook, runs better with a 32 bit distro…

I keep meaning to dig out my N150, was going to see how Zorin OS lite (its still 64 bit)… It’s not a “terrible” netbook, my daughter got it for Uni, came with Windows 7 “starter” 32 bit, 1 GB RAM and 320 GB HDD… I’ve since boosted it to 2 GB RAM and 64 GB SSD, and it’s a dual core Atom CPU… Last time I did anything much with it was running Manjaro 17, 32 bit… As I said, always seems a bit sluggish and laggy when running 64 bit Linux…


Take a look at the Puppy homepage:

There’s a chart of specifications there.

The search magnifying glass in the upper right corner of this forum has a wealth of discussions of 32-bit distros. Try it! Also, explore distrowatch.com to find many other 32-bit solutions. Almost every page will have a search option.


The ASUS eeePC I have (since AD2009) has a 32 bit CPU having 8GB of storage

Frank in County Wicklow Ireland

For ALL the info you’ll ever need about Puppy Linux, go here: https://forum.puppylinux.com/
I’ve been using Puppies for many years now, and we members at the link above, will be more
than glad to assist you.

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thank you. i was there - a lot - and just saw myself more confused, as things did not work as they said they would…must be me, right?

I am not experienced with puppy linux. I looked at their site, and I looked at some articles.
I too was confused by the variety of puppy releases. It is a whole spectrum of distros.
It would take some effort to grasp all of it.

I agree with Dan Tripp about the computer being 32 bit as I have the same computer which I use.
Too many versions of puppy available and confusing which one to go for


But the 32 bit is shown.

My own computer is running mint 32 bit late 19 with no problems except it’s now out of date, keep thinking of changing to LMDE as that is supported on 32 bit.

Only change is I upgraded the memory to 2 GB instead of the 1 originally supplied

If looking for a lighter weight Linux version

Offer ideas.

I use puppy to get me out of difficult situations where I just need a quick fix without installing but not an expert.

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