What to do with old PC parts

I’m curious on what do you all do to your ones when it’s not working anymore, do you all just throw it? I hope not. And anyone tried selling their old/damaged cards already?

Options are many!

Forget their name, but think there’s a place (not for profit) in north-west U.S. that accept and resell refurbished computers.

Unless it’s physical damage, you could always install a Linux distro! :slight_smile:

Most cities have recycling facilities.
Just make sure you wipe your hard disk clean.
I just smash 'em with a hammer.

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Yard/garage sales. There’s always somebody who like to tinker with non-working pc’s or parts that are outdated.

Ammo Box Drive Enclosure
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If the parts are working, you can try to sell. This is how I sold the old video card. But I prefer to buy new components for my computer. The last purchase was an additional Noctua NH-U14S cooler, because in the summer, with the current load on the computer, it overheats a lot.

I submit the old computer :desktop_computer: ,and its hardware parts to recycling :recycle: centres for recycling.
Otherwise people in India are greedy like a fox who resell it only for few “ruppees” thus committing suicide by generating E waste which is harmful for health .

You have no brainer option rather than to recycle