What to make of Brave and its IPFS?

Wish there were IPFS (and Cryptocurrency) books for dummies!

Even if Brave promotes IPFS, they state that your I.P. address can still be found.
So, why bother?
If Brave promotes it, it must be a secure thing, since that is their specialty.
But still…

If you are talking about this IPFS, then the point is not privacy, but absolute resilience in the form of censorship proofness. It has little to nothing to do with privacy.

If I say, that’s not true, it can’t be true, since it’s my specialty to tell the truth. :wink:

It is very secure. Especially keeping your files secure is very easy. It’s just not extremely private.

Any pure, addition-/extension-less P2P connection is far away from being private. Adding encryption and other hiding mechanisms on top of a P2P connection may make it more private.

There are tons of books about the topic “Blockchain”, because this buzzword just keeps getting bigger. You can swim in the amount of books promoting this buzzword.

If you want to know more about the priniciples of services like IPFS, i.e. P2P based service, then you only need to look up how Peer 2 Peer connections work. Torrent is probably the most famous example for how P2P connections work. However, it is by far not the only example. There are tons of other apps using that technology.

At least now i know now that it’s only another form of P2P.
But, seeing that Brave does not have a VPN service incorporated like Opera, would this latter be the better option? Especially now that it natively supports IFPS like Brave does?

The integration thing is just some convenience thing, as you can read here:

Brave Integrates IPFS to Enable Users to Seamlessly Browse The Decentralized Web

You can browse Altnets since decades with any browser. It’s just not as convenient as using your plain old normal browser, as if it were the same as the Clearnet.


ZeroNet is a nice Altnet I use since its inception.

It is recommended to run it in a specifically configured Tor browser. However, you may run it in any browser you like. The same goes for other P2P Atlnets. It’s just not as convenient, because you have to start the service and visit the correct URLs, etc. However, all else should be the same, except I’m missing something about the IPFS thing in Brave.