What would be best clipboard manager for Ubuntu 18.10?

Slowly getting into Ubuntu and would like to hear from experienced Ubuntu users what their favorite clipboard manager is.

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Hi danielson.
I don’t use any clipboard managers at all, but a quick search brought up CopyQ.
See http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2018/06/clipboard-manager-copyq-3-5-0-released/
Maybe you can give it a try.


I use clipit works good and is very light weight - install in terminal sudo apt install clipit

I actually use both CopyQ and ClipIt. Sometimes, it seems that ClipIt misses a “Control+C”, but CopyQ has got it.

I just use what’s “native” - i.e. the default “X” behaviour I’ve been using in UNIX for decades…

Select some text (e.g. highlight) with the mouse cursor and it’s “automagically” in the clipboard (the “special” X clipboard, i.e. not always available with CTRL+V). I’ve never felt the need for anything other than what’s “in the box”…

Middle button click (or emulate three buttons if on a 2 button mouse like a trackpad) to paste that text…

I hate it when that doesn’t work - e.g. sometimes fails to paste into Gnome Text Editor or “gedit” - but - it ALWAYS works from one terminal to another - or from a webpage into a terminal (and vice versa - e.g. highlight some error message from a terminal - it’s in the clipboard - press middle button [e.g. scroll wheel press] in your browser’s address bar and go !) … elementary’s terminal app warns you before allowing the paste into a terminal… and it’s always wise to make sure you don’t also select the “hidden” carriage return at the end of a line of text - so you can preview it in the terminal before running it (or edit it before committing)…

And I hate it when I have to use Windows - it’s so slow and cumbersome to get a line of text into the clipboard!

Hi, It’s Clipit for me, tried loads but Clipit is simple to use & light on resources