What's your favorite snaps/programs/management tools?



Just curious, because I might have missed some cool or security things about your mentioned add-ons.
What add-ons do you use?
Maybe my decision (changing keepass2 for keepassxc) was wrong.
Although I never used any add-ons on neither one…



The most important one for me is this backup plugin, because security doesn’t work right without integrity. I configured the plugin to back up my database to different locations every time I press save. Since the database size is so small anyway, I don’t mind spamming it everywhere.

Take a look at the full list of plugins. There is guaranteed to be at least one plugin someone might find useful. In fact, looking at the list right now, I want to try out some new ones, I didn’t use before. Just look at the Cryptography & Key Providers section, it’s amazing.

Well, luckily you can change your Keepass2 client anytime, anyway, so you can try out and change without issues.


Nice statement.
As I want to keep it as simple as possible (where it comes to usability and function) I backup my database regularly together with my other “portable” data to three differrent devices, so I’m pretty save, I guess.
But nonetheless, these plugins seem all really interesting (if one is in need of some added functionality).
Thanks for the post.


I experienced the password flaw in Firefox first hand. In Windows 10, Avast fetched them in less than a second and recommended using Avast password manager as FF was unsafe ( which it truly is for passwords )