Whatsapp Video Call

Any way for native WhatsApp Video Call on Fedora Workstation??

I failed to find a application so after doing some research I found the WhatsApp online web site and that appears to work fine for me
I am on Linux mint mate 19 version 32 bit and using chromium browser
Just in case it’s different for you

And a user guide


Whatsapp web does not support video calls.


bizzare, it did support video last april when I use it in a meeting and the video shows it working
but no longer
I stand corrected
sorry for the miss information
other options would be skype or telegraph or signal but you need to install an set them up at both ends


There’s a whole bunch of pre-Covid video conferencing tools that didn’t have, or wouldn’t work, on Linux… But just about ALL of them worked just fine in a Browser, including WhatsApp and WebEx and a few others I can’t think of right now…

But these days these teleconferencing tools I use all seem to have native Linux clients :

  • MS Teams
  • Cisco WebEx (but it’s HORRIBLE I loathe using WebEx - remember once upon a time, it was the only show in town really)
  • Zoom
  • BlueJean
    - there was one other one I’ve used recently - but don’t remember the name…

Note : per @callpaul.eu comment - I can’t remember if I used Video features in WhatsApp or not - I think it was just chat features, in a Browser, on Linux…

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There’s no need to be rude @Nishant.

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There’s also a perfectly fine open source solution for teleconferencing: Jitsi. It’s web-based, so everybody can use it.