When i am moving my cursor on Ubuntu 20.04 desktop cursor showing like this

When i am moving my cursor on desktop cursor showing like this

I am successfully using Ubuntu 20.04 as main operating system.

  1. but I am getting an issue on the desktop when I am moving my cursor on desktop it’s showing like boxes it’s like when we use brush tool in ms paint and that’s only happening on desktop not on other applications or file explorer or any other.
  2. And one more thing compare to my windows machine music output not good as windows because we have specific drivers for audio like realtek hd audio driver when I am using windows music player base very good but I am not getting as much output as windows someone suggest me how can I get good sound experience in Ubuntu machine.
  3. The only one software I will use in windows for Oracle Database right now. so I installed it in vm ware workstation. ok it’s running but with some lagging I am running windows 2019 November in vm ware workstation. Not only this it’s responding slowly
    Please share some tips to enhance my machine performance to run smoothly.

“wetransfer” is a crap provider. upload with a proper one please. too much ads and crap!

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According your graphics/mouse cursor problem:
(Although I’m not a big fan of non-free software, but aware of the fact that one likes to just having things work…)
Have you tested if there are some proprietary drivers available for your graphics card?
Just use the super key and type “drivers”.
Maybe this will help with the graphics issue.
Don’t know, if there are drivers for the sound chip, though.

Fast Edi


The above plus, did you choose Wayland by any chance when logging in ?

I’ve been using ‘WeTransfer’ for some time. The free version works fine.

i have same issue please suggest any solution

we will need some more information about your situation and system if you want some help. after you do that, can you answer the questions asked above about graphics drivers and if you are using wayland?


i previously installed time shift so i backed up my system initial status so i restore to that point from that time my pc working fine now

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So you should now monitor every move on your computer, so you don’t have to restore again, once the error happens again. Instead you should just revert or change the move done, that caused the issue, and post it here.