Which are the Best Free & Open Source Games for Linux?

I got to know about 0AD ( A free, open-source game of ancient warfare) recently and I love that game personally. Pretty old school type and is different from the modern age high graphics game.
Do you know of any games that support Linux and are Free & Open Source?

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Well, my favourite is Supertuxkart. Very fun, when racing with my kids on LAN.
At the end I usually loose, but until then I love to attach the parachute making them slower, or put a timed bomb on their back, whic when explodes, make them stop for couple seconds, so I can overtake temporarily…

Now, they grew up, so this kind of fun is rare, but eventually we ride for couple minutes. I admit. after 20…30 minutes this game can become boring, but until that it’s awsome!


How about OpenTTD?

It’s a clone of transport tycoon deluxe with loads upon loads of features added. You can get it here.

There’s extensive modding support. There are quite a few members of the community modding, so you should be able to change its default behavior to your heart’s content.

Regarding maintenance it’s also doing quite well. It’s written in C++, and there’s no shortage of skilled maintainers. It is a mature project and highly stable.

The only thing about this game is that it’s non-trivial to get things done at first. It definitely requires getting used to. A tutorial series can be found on youtube. Be warned: it’s long.

This game is well worth all the effort to learn it.


Hi Prakhar,
Ready to take off?
FLIGHTGEAR for those who like a flight simulator :small_airplane:



If you like shooting aliens, in Synaptic package manager is Cube 2 sauerbraten.
Or in your terminal sudo apt install sauerbraten. It’s also multiplayer too.
If for some reason it isn’t in your repositories, then add this xtradeb repository. sudo add-apt-repository ppa:xtradeb/apps
The weird thing is Steam have it for sell, when it is free with Linux.
If you’re using Ubuntu Synaptic package manager is not installed by default, so open your terminal sudo apt install synaptic So pleased they have not made a Snap version of Synaptic. :grin: