Which DE do you prefer and why? KDE, Gnome, XFCE, etc.?


I go Mate for most systems. I like the ease of going to the Tweak Tool and changing the panel layout in a click!



Try and evaluate both or the whole of Gecko range in a virtual machine. As you are familiar and content with openSUSE.



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That’s been my MO for a while now, for desktop and laptop. Highly satisfactory.

Though I have been evaluating Manjaro Gnome & KDE neon in recent weeks, I’ve had to eat my own words. Both have exceeded my expectations, in reliability. Gnome is working as it should, no gremlins, even Cheese works flawlessly.

KDE neon, hasn’t crashed. I’ve altered a few config settings, installed extra apps. Currently it is quicker to boot up than Linuxmint, Ubuntu (gremlins galore, sluggish), Peppermint and Xubuntu.

I would have say both are the exception rather the norm with comparable distro DE’s.

I starting to think Manjaro is the NEW Ubuntu. Now its maturing, it is very user friendly and supports graphic cards etc outta the box.


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Yeah, I recently installed both Manjaro 18 XFCE (default) and Manjaro 17 Deepin in VirtualBox VMs to check them out. Both look and function really nicely, though I prefer XFCE as it uses only 500MB of ram at idle, where as the Deepin DE sucks up a massive 1.8GB of ram at idle. (That’s crazy high for any Linux distro, IMO). My laptop running Mint 18.3 Cinnamon as I type this with several tabs open in Chrome is only using about 2GB, for reference, lol.

Ubuntu has spoiled by liking for Gnome with 18.04. It’s full of bugs and is a bit of a ram hog like Deepin DE. Used to like it with 17.04 though.



It’s funny; I like a lot of the Ubuntu-based distros, I’m just not a big fan of Ubuntu, itself. lol.

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I first started using Ubuntu just to get away from Windows. Too expensive in those days. Since then I have used most Linux destros and Finally I landed using Manjaro Gnome. I just love using it .



I use XFCE because it is so light in using resources.



I prefer the resource EFFICIENT hog, XFCE because it is so customizable :smile:



I actually have 3 OS installed on my system, all Manjaro. KDE, XFCE, and Deepin. A separate installs. I could never decide which I like best so just decided to multiboot.



If you are using the same OS, just with different DEs, then you can just install the OS a single time and choose your DE during login.



I know, but I have run into some issues in the past doing that. File managers, etc…



i just came across this option when i installed debian a couple months ago. it is interesting to be able to switch at login like that to see the difference on the same os install.

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My favorite DEs include MATE, Budgie, Xfce, Unity. I can use GNOME, but I find it annoying after a while.



I currently use Linux Mint 19 Mate but would go back to a unity desktop in a flash if I could. I also very much liked Ubuntu Budgie but I am holding off installing that till the next LTS release in the hope they will change to QT and dump gnome.




I always used, and still do, the xfdesktop. No need to change it. I’m happy with it :slight_smile:



Used Gnome in the start for an year,Deepin DE for some months,and found KDE plasma at some point,and has been using since then,It just feels Awesome to use KDE Manjaro.Uses less ram than gnome and even more customizable than gnome.The best thing happened after some days of installation of Manjaro KDE was now atleast i know some things about arch :sweat_smile::rofl: and dealing with them.Arch Wiki is just awesome.Thought of trying out NITRUX but very happy with KDE(Manjaro).



Changing my mind. I now favour KDE (Neon). It’s a bit lighter than Cinnamon and a bit more efficient and clean and better suited to my liking. :slight_smile:



I agree with that. …

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I’ve been using Xubuntu 18.04 and am pretty happy with it…tried mint, and regular ubuntu, and lubuntu, and X has the best overall perfromance, good looks, and usability.