Why Linux isn't taught in schools?

My question is that Why schools in India and other places teach Windows 🪟 as the OS and make addicted to Microsoft Software??
Why not Linux :penguin:if its considered in Development ??

According to me What Windows 🪟 I learnt in my school is of no use as of now .

Linux is very old and is only known to a few… Schools teach windows as preferred Os as it is simple to use and allows users to install packages in a few clicks plus it is widely used in many companies… Though people like privacy and security as more important than looks and ease of access, resulting in switch from Windows to Linux…


Something I noticed in Uganda was that all their computers were second hand commercial castoffs, all Windows (old versions). To install Linux, they’d have to download a large ISO from somewhere through a slow, expensive internet cafe connection. I left some Ubuntu install disks at a school in Sipi Falls… I wonder if they tried them. Linux is ideal for “old” computers.


I wonder if Microsoft donates either PCs or software and so they use it?
Maybe someday it will be different…but right now, for most consumers, Win is still the choice… Myself? I have used only Ubuntu for many years (~2010).

Linux is the default OS used for computer literacy etc in all schools in Kerala, India that follow the State’s syllabus.


Windows has a stranglehold on the vast majority of the world. It holds critical mass appeal, while Linux remains fragmented and poorly marketed. That said I’ve been using linux (mint/Ubuntu) since 2004 and would never go back to Windows. It wasn’t easy for me as linux was and still is quarky in many ways. I admire and promote it without fail as it mirrors humanity in essence far better than the other two!!
My 2 cents… lol

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Another issue is lack of textbooks increasing free software awareness.

We need to write them ourselves. We’ve started here: GitHub - Aman9das/Our_Free_Software: An Initiative to create FOSS based textbooks.

Very initial idea collection stage, feel free to give suggestions :slight_smile:

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Windows dates from the mid 1980’s when Microsoft stripped the Presentation Manager GUI from OS/2 and made it a separate product…

Linux (32 bit) dates about 1991, but it is WAY more MATURE and MODERN than anything from Microsoft.

Truth be known? Windows 10 is based on Windows NT, which dates to around 1993, so yeah, Linux is 2 years older* - but - I reckon it is way more mature, stable and has LESS LINES OF CODE than Windows NT/10/11 does (but even Linux Torvalds acknowledges it does suffer from bloat after 30 years).

*Linux got released in alpha state… In 1991, Microsoft had the Windows NT kernel as a beta… so they’re probably about the same vintage - okay?

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probably it is an agreement for the cheap computers that they use microsoft
apple does the same thing, they donate to schools, but of course you must use their software
linux is great, for experienced users, it is not good for beginners, even the ones that say ‘good for beginners’
the best thing would be to have a mix of windows and linux ( and perhaps apple, but not really ) computers, so students can learn more than one thing
dropping off the ubuntu discs is pretty good idea; you only have to download the iso one time and burn it to cd/dvd then use it to install on multiple computers; however, updates would be a problem, and installing new software.
One can purchase repositories of software, such as debian, on ebay. These would contain all the software available for install on the debian platform. Debian would be a better choice than ubuntu mainly because ubuntu has become commercialized.

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