WHY USE LINUX: save this planet, save yourself!

This year 2020 has given Silicon Intelligence (Linux) the greatest boost so far this century. Linux dominates all the major areas of computing on this planet, this 21st century. The four most important areas are:
(1) IoT, Internet Of Things, which are in most gadgets with transistors: LED lighting, electrical switches, calculators, electronic sensors, electric gadgets of most kinds & types.

(2) Servers. Like IoT, these may not have a software face interface (“shell”) to any humans. They only need a set of digital connections (optical, wireless or wired) to another computer which provides the “software shell”.

(3) Internet Cloud is dominated by Linux because of the above two items. A software shell is probably needed for a “healthy independent cloud”, such as under the ocean, on the moon, or on Mars. This shell is needed because the numbers & variety of signals is much larger than can be handled by simple binary bits.

(4) MOBILE computing is dominated by Linux. This exists with Linux itself, or two of Google’s open source versions of Linux: Android & Chromium OS. Most users of smartphones, GPS locators and cameras now use systems based on open source Linux.

(5) COMPUTER DESKTOPS Microsoft has been the winner so strongly here, that Apple, the second runner was financially & technically need to stop monopoly dominance of that operating system on the desktop. Linux here is a long distance “Bronze Prize” winner in all areas of desktop usage.

Since 2020, the planetary world knows that Linux dominance in the above four areas means easy work, study, fun & cooperation now. This can be done very fast, flexible & low costs now. Cultural languages, time zones, appearances do not matter. Weather, climate, travel, roads, etc do not matter. Sex, race, education, eye-sight, hearing, hand usage and medical health are not upsetting as they used to be.

So if you want a better future for yourself, & everyone you know, you need to learn & use Linux. Start with the GUI, the Graphical User Interface. Smartphone or tablet is cheapest & easiest. Teach yourself, free & no cost, to learn most modern job skills and most languages. It can be fun. Games of many kinds, teach tolerance, delayed rewards, schedules, risk taking, ownership, backups, failure & success.

Once you are job ready, publicize yourself: forums, discussions, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube.

After amateur & volunteer attempts, casual commitments & achievements let you create a reputation. This very deserved reputation will then open other opportunities. Like moving into the next level of an exciting game. Good luck, & good fun.

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Are you referring to this?

When was that ever upsetting to anyone besides the ones who were actually handicapped?

Also tumble dryers, we have one at work which has so many settings for different materials or fabrics. It’s GTK2 based, with the screen that tells you about the settings you have chosen. Even a setting for cuddly toys. Our Car 2009 Renault Scenic is GTK2 based dashboard gives you a dark mode and a light mode. Annoying alarm that goes off when your seat belt is not done up. If you have a heavy bag on one of the passenger seats it thinks it is a passenger and I always end up putting the seat belt round the bag. Fridges, TV’s you name it Linux is somewhere on it. The Desktop is getting there, as is companies selling their Laptops and Desktops with Linux on them. In 2028 when time machines are meant to be the rage, Linux will be at the helm.

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Also Linux helps you to run your device much longer

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I use linux for years, push my company to use linux on server and desktop terminals
I m not an expert on linux but it make me easier to maintain our pc’s hardware due to
open souce licenses and old hardware support