Win10 accesses Linux /Home folder shares but not /media folder shares

My Win10 can access Linux shares that reside in the host /Home directory example /Home/oops/Downloads/Movies. It can see the Linux shares on external drives on the same computer, example – /media/oops/8TB_MOVIES/Movies but it can’t access the movies saying I don’t have permission to access them. The shared folders on both the /Home/oops directory and the /media/oops directory were shared in the exact same manner and given the same exact permissions. BTW I have a Win7 box that I set up for network sharing 3 or 4 years back and it doesn’t have any problem at all accessing any of the Linux shares no matter whether they’re in the /Home/oops or /media/oops directory. Any clue what might be the problem? I can’t figure out if this a Linux / samba problem or a Win / samba problem.