Windows 8.1 Running Solus VM

I downloaded the Solus ISO and booted it with my W8.1 OS. It did indeed boot to very
nice looking mate desktop, but I could not get the installer to work, guess it doesn’t like
virtualbox. I will add it to ventoy and see if it will boot.
Got Solus installed in W8.1 VirtualBox and it is actually running well, finally found all the commands needed to get the virtualbox-guest-additions running. I could be enticed
to run this on bare metal.

Yes Solus is pretty.
It has a few unique features that we might mention here

  • it is a desktop only distro. You cant set it up as a server.
  • the gui for its package system (called Software Centre) is the best I have seen in any distro
  • they have a policy of being selective in their package system - ie for one task they include some carefully chosen packages , but not everything
  • it is managed rolling release, and uses systemd
  • there are some unique packages - eg the Mendeley desktop for managing scientific publications, the eopkg package system, and their own Budgie desktop
  • not all distros offer virtualbox as a package. Solus does have virtualbox
  • they have a good community help forum and bug reporting setup. I reported an issue once and got an instant personal reply from the lead developer. They are on the ball.
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