WINDOWS dual Booot with Ubuntu / Current pc condition , windows 10 alongside Kali linux

Am trying to Dual boot ubuntu alongside windows 10 , i already did that successfully with kali linux , now my machine has windows and kali which works perfectly however i want to change from kali to ubuntu since the projects am working on demand fast cpu and huge memory allocation which if am not wrong are super efficient on ubuntu , i have read previous comments on guys who got stuck on choosing the OS to load once the machine is powered on ,i.e loading windows directly , Am assuming i have to format the partition i have my kali linux in once i live boot the ubuntu installation … hopes that works which am not sure of , and if i successfully install ubuntu on the formatted kali partition how do i bypass the bootloader part which i have found a lot of people having issues with it, Thank you

8gb Ram
500 Gb Hdd
i5 processor

Can you specifiy exact numbers? “Huge memory allocations” for a normal user would be something like 32GB RAM to me. Though, you only have 8GB.

That said, if your main goal is to have a performant OS and not a convenient one, then get a lightweight Linux distribution (you can find threads about that here on the forum) and install only the most necessary software on it. That will be much more performant than plain Ubuntu with all the pre-loaded stuff it comes with by default.

Since you already use(d) Kali Linux, you might as well go with plain Debian, which is super leightweight by default.

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you would need to add more explanation or clarification about what you mean by “bypass the bootloader part”. are you referring to uefi boot as compared to legacy grub booting?


Welcome to “It’ Foss” @poul_mwangi. I hope you find the help you requested. It sounds like you have plenty of resources to run dual boot with Ubuntu. I ran dual boot on a laptop with Windows 10 and Linux Mint Cinnamon 19 with specs of 6 GB Ram, 500 GB HDD, and an i5-2520M CPU @ 2.50GHz.
Ubuntu also has a lightweight version call Xubuntu It “is one of the [official flavors of Ubuntu] that features the lightweight Xfce desktop.”, if you wanted to stay with Ubuntu.

Please be sure you have a good backup / restore procedure before making changes to your system.

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Have you seen any of the tests that Phoronix runs with Clear Linux? If you have experience with Kali, maybe Clear is something you could handle.