Windows/Ubuntu Dual Boot Install Issue with Intel RST

I have a laptop Acer Aspire A515-54G (128GB SSD & 1TB HDD) with windows 10 installed in the SSD. Recently, I needed to install Ubuntu in dual boot, so I shrinked the HDD since it had free space. But Ubuntu installation failed since Intel RST was enabled.

I google the issue and followed this article. Please have a look.

Following the article, I changed the storage device driver to Microsoft Storage Spaces Controller and then from the BIOS I changed the SATA settings to AHCI. All according the article.

After I completed all the steps from the article, I was able to install and run Ubuntu perfectly but now Windows wouldn’t boot giving the stop code INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE.

After a lot of googling, I was able to run the windows in safe mode from advanced options. My intention was to change the driver setting back.

Here I have these questions:

  1. How can I fix my Windows?

  2. Should changing the storage driver in safe mode would help in any way? If yes, which one do I select since I dont remember the exact name of the previous ones there are a lot of options within Intel and I do not really want to experiment with them. See the picture below.

I would be extremely grateful for your help.

did you try the suggestion in the comments under the article?

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I reached to safe mode after reading the comments.

do you have a restore point you could try?

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Unfortunately, no.
I did not know anything about restore points, while I was doing installation.

i am assuming your primary goal is to get windows working again so the next option that sounded quite reasonable was to choose the driver that is working for you in safe mode:

Because I thought the driver was the problem, I went into the device manager and check which one was in use. I then updated the driver again like in the post, but this time I selected the driver, that was used in safe mode. It was a different one, but I dont recall the name. Just select the one, that is shown in device manager as well. Rebooted and it works! Hope it helps.

for the record, i don’t think there is one absolutely correct answer. a windows forum may be a good place to look for an appropriate answer for how to get windows to boot. if you wait here for the one person who has the exact same computer as you to tell you which driver also works with ubuntu, you may be waiting a while.

not to pile on while your computer is in a bad state, but please find some other tutorial if you decide to try to install linux in the future.

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According to some of the comments, I should change drivers. I am not sure myself whether it would work. That is why I wrote I was thinking to changing back the driver.

If you have any other solution please let me know. Also, if there is no other option I am willing to uninstall and reinstalling Linux rather than windows, since I dont have much data on it.

So, keeping that in mind any solution would be appreciated.

I had same issue with Intel rst while trying to dual boot after SSD upgrade on Dell 7572 but fortunately bios tries to fix itself while bootiing after the change from rst to ahci. Even when it doesn’t, I could go to bios and revert to earlier settings and booted me back to windows. Some steps are provided in the above link as well. Still hoping to run dual boot Ubuntu by overcoming the issue of intel rst stopping Ubuntu installation. Any help here?

what kind of help are you asking for exactly? i don’t see much of an explanation of what the problem is or even what you are trying to do other than dual boot with ubuntu :thinking:

Hi, as you already identified, am trying to install Ubuntu on windows laptop which has Intel rst enabled. And as I said if I change bios setting from rst to ahci, during restart of laptop bios tries to fix the problem and doesn’t boot up. So I had to revert back changes and managed to boot to windows. Hence unable to proceed with Ubuntu installation.

have you tried a web search for something like “install ubuntu in dual boot on” and add your computer make and model? since the problem sounds like it is in the bios, maybe getting a copy of your manual would be helpful.

this page might be able to give you an idea if someone has been able to successfully install ubuntu on a system that has the same make and model as yours:

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