WPS office suite install

WPS office suite has been successfully installed on Ubuntu 19.04 but now an err msg abt missing fonts (Wingdings and MT Extra) for use with spreadsheet formulas appears during bootup. These fonts do NOT appear when avail fonts are displayed. So: (1) is their install recommended ? (2) how are the fonts downloaded and installed ? Thanx.

Bewildered Bob (newbie)

Hi Bob and welcome to the community.
Is there any reason why you are using WPS Office? Libre Office is already installed and is compatible with most office suites. It is in my opinion far better than most if not all out there. The only thing I have had to install extra was MS fonts as I like Ariel which it doesn’t have. Apart from that both at home and doing things for my son’s business it works great.

Hi EDS: the WPS suite was recommended for former Windoze users (like me) because of its similarity to MS Office. Since the price is right (freebie) it’s worth a try.

still Bewildered Bob

CORRECTION: the err msg appears when i click on one of the WPS apps and NOT during Ubuntu bootup.

(newbie) Bob

I do not have an answer to your question about fonts, but I too found that WPS is far closer in formatting to MS Office. If preserving the original formatting is your goal, this is a good route.

I tried it and found it not to be the case to be honest and Libre Office far better - My wife also tried it and found it better. Libre Office isn’t that different to MS Office and you can do everything including mail-merge in it and the controls are the same, like control S , for save etc. And when you want to save , if you use save as you’ll see you can save as MS doc etc or what you want.

If only thing you worry about is some missing fonts, get the font files for the same and put them in .fonts folder under the Home folder. If there is no .fonts folder, you can create one yourselves. Before you create on type ctrl+H to make sure that hidden files are displayed.

Hello Bob,

Welcome to the community and thanks for turning to the right place for seeking help.

There is this GitHub repo that has those fonts: https://github.com/IamDH4/ttf-wps-fonts

You can manually download those .ttf files. The ttf files are basically the font files. Once you have the required TTF files, you can install the fonts by double clicking on them

Once you have installed all those missing fonts on your system, you won’t see the pop-up message.

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