Wrong location detection on pop os


I am Hrishikesh, a Pop user!

I am facing location issue. I live in Dombivli in Thane but when I use location for weather for google in firefox, it detects kurla(Mumbai) which is 40km away from my location…Any solutions?

Thank you in advance!

It might be that your public IP address really is located in Mumbai. When I use a cellular hotspot in Cedar Rapids, IA it says I’m in Omaha, NE because that’s where the public IP is located.

You can look at https://ifconfig.co/ and see what your public IP is and where they think it is. It’s a start anyway.


Actually I reinstalled this os becuz i was receiving some probs of theme. Before reinstalling, the location was correct…Is it possible to change the location or should I try reinstalling the os again??

Also, what I see in the website which u told abt is very different man!!! It shows the location as Ulhasnagar which is 10km away from my location and that too on the opposite side of Mumbai!!!

If your only issue with the geo-location is weather you could just save a favorite for your location.

Here is mine: Cedar Rapids, United States - Weather Forecasts | Maps | News - Yahoo Weather

The weather won’t be much different 10km away right?

You should use a tool that allows adding geolocation manually. And then you can add your exact longitude and latitude in it. This way, you should have a consistent location which is not dependent on your IP address.

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Please let me know the name of that tool.

Also, my location was 100% correct before I reinstalled the system…
Should I again reinstall to make it correct??

You use Google in Firefox. I was talking about a GNOME extension for weather that allows custom geo locations.