Xubuntu 20.10 Release impossibly slow

I upgraded to 20.10 yesterday.
This is the first time I have been utterly disappointed about an ubuntu release. It is so agonizingly slow it is completely useless. I installed xcfe4 and that helped slightly, but it is still dog slow, I cannot configure the panel as with 20.04, it is so very different I cannot imagine calling 20.10 an upgrade to 20.04.
Horrible experience, I only did it in the hopes of an updated and working driver for my HP 8600 which I have yet to restore to operation.
Anyone know how to get back to the 20.04 configuration I had? I do not have enough disk space so I did not back up all my data and do not want to wipe the disk with a complete reinstall of 20.04.

It is recommended to put backups onto different devices anyway. It’s not as useful, if put on the same storage medium, as the source of the backup.


I suppose you did not have Timeshift install either.

Correct, I don’t know what that is.