Yaru : Download + .themes folder

I got used to download the file from Github and using them through Home>.themes folder. Can we do the same with Yaru and still get every part of it ?

I am using 18.04.

this looks like it might be helpful:

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This one did show up on my Google search. I am trying to download necessary files and use them through home/.themes folder. It is much easier to play with that. Any idea how to do it ?

unfortunately i am not personally very familiar with regular ubuntu and don’t tend to change or even install themes very often. @abhishek often has good insights into the inner workings of ubuntu. that’s his article i linked above :slight_smile:

i could try loading up a live usb to see what i can see, but i need a little more information. are you using regular ubuntu with gnome? can you provide a link to where you are trying to download the files from?


Thanks for the effort. Here is their repo

Normally with other themes, we can download required files from Github and put theme in home/.themes folder and then activate the theme through Gnome Tweak Tool.

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In case you need to know things in detail:


I asked the maintainer about it. I had to build from the repo and then use the components from usr/…/themes. I need to isolate shell theme components now.