You can now add more reactions to a post apart from the heart

As per @cliffsloane suggestion, I have added new reaction options. Previously, you could only heart react on any post. Now you can give it a thumbs up, laugh, angry and sh*t reaction. I added the penguin in respect of our beloved Tux :wink:

The set of reaction can be modified (from the available set of emojis). You may suggest a new one. Personally, I would prefer to have just 4-5 reactions.

Enjoy :slight_smile:


:100: Oh not more things I’ve got to learn - thanks @abhishek or not - great idea as long as peeps don’t abuse it, which I am sure they won’t as I don’t want to be a grumpysaurus

Do we need the s** one ?

How would you react Oh Sh*t? :blush:

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Finally. This is similar to Github’s approach and I find it better, as it makes clear distinctions as to what you think about a post.