Youtube-dl is back

The newsletter just told me, that youtube-dl is back on track.

I am super happy and relieved. I feel like making a party!

This is a win for freedom and against commercial BULLSHIT!

Who’s on board with me?!

Let’s party!


Woo Hoo! That’s great

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they may as well bring it back thee is millions of copy’s out there, they cant erase them, lol

But that doesn’t matter, as long as working publicly together on it, with united forces, is only half legal.

GREAT NEWS!!! :smiley:

I’m on board! Chillaxing in my carport with a glass of red wine and a celabratory durrie (cigarette)…

The truth is - whatever it was they “hit” with a cease-&-desist order, never actually hit the PIP repos… I’ve been able to install it on ubuntu and debian using “pip3 install youtube-dl” the whole time the github repo was blocked / disabled…

But HEAR HEAR! Relief to read that news the other day… because it was only a matter of time before they did hit the PIP repos (and I truly have no idea how pip works :smiley: )

in other news - another “similar” CLI product I use is “bandcamp-dl” (I buy most of my music from there - but some times download “gratis” before I buy) is still kinda “broken” - but youtube-dl does actually work with bandcamp music urls anyway (but bandcamp-dl can do a whole album URL).

My shell script that uses youtube-dl to grab music :

#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Just grab some crappy quality music from youtube - NOT tha [cussword] video
# Assumes ya got the python "youtube-dl" [cussword] installed (and in same dir as this script, on path or whatever tha [cuss] - e.g. a symlink etc)
$GRABBA -k --extract-audio --audio-quality 0 --audio-format mp3 $EARL

too lazy to plonk usage / error messages in the script :smiley:

This reminds me of how I downloaded music from there with JDownloader and then uploaded it on YouTube, over 10 years ago. The band who released the song saw my video and I think they complained about the Screenshot I used or something. But they didn’t care that I uploaded their music or whatever.

I’m a big fan of FLAC, actually. Barely can do anything wrong with this format.

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FLAC is the main reason bandcamp is hands down my favourite music store (plus they have bandcamp Fridays every couple weeks where ALL royalties go to the artist) - I’m slowly converting / upgrading all my music collection to to FLAC…

Having said that - there’s no point getting shite quality music from youtube in FLAC, because the audio stream is NOT LOSSLESS in the first place - so if I was to e.g. :

$GRABBA -k --extract-audio --audio-quality 0 --audio-format flac $EARL

I’d be converting “lost” stuff into fake stuff, no idea what algorithm lame or whatever uses to fluff the lost stuff… It would be like expanding a 320 x 240 BMP file to 2048 x 1536 JPG… the audio equivalent of pixelation…

Note : in the past I have bought music before in FLAC format - and analysed it - and discovered at least one song was originally mp3 “up sampled” to FLAC format… I logged a complaint about that - but never got a response… (never found a Linux app to do that - had to use my work’s Windows 10 laptop with an app to analyse the flac files) - so BEWARE there are FAKE flacs out there!

Last year one of my favourite bands (Australian - they’re called Tropical F_ck Storm) released an album, and I pre-ordered (weeks before hand) it on bandcamp : and : I couldn’t get it until like 11:00 pm that night, so I went straight to their label and bought it again in WAV format… what really shitted me about that - was that I was able to listen to that album all day on frickin’ youtube “lo fi” - but had to wait till some c_nt woke up in New York or where-ever-the-F and uploaded the FLAC version for 8:00 am East Coast USA time… GODDAMN!

Note : that script in my previous post is called “usong” - and I have it’s friend called “uflac” - and very occasionally bandcamp have free downloads of FLAC quality music, so I use “uflac” to download in FLAC…

The music share on my NAS is slowly nearing my movies share in size, given the size of FLAC files compared to compressed video… I just ordered 2 x 4 TB HDD’s for my NAS, so I’ll replace 2 x 3 TB drives in RAIDZ+1 for a net gain of about 2-3 TB (seems bizarre - but that redundancy is worth every cent) - currently the RAIDZ+1 consists of 4+3+3+4TB (so those 4 TB drives are only used as 3 TB each) - then next pay I’ll get another 4 TB to act as a “cold”, hot spare… that’s my favourite thing about ZFS - I can incrementally upgrade my storage, and keep my redundancy… no doubt - in 2-3 years time I’ll be incrementally replacing those 4 TB drives with 6 or 8 or 10 TB ones (this time 2 years ago - it was 3+3+3+3 - until one Seagate, then another Seagate, failed to be replaced with WD).

I might be old, and even if I can’t see the difference between a 4K and a 720P movie, I CAN hear the difference between a “real” FLAC audio file and a shonky mp3…

Yep great news I use Clipgrab and YouTube Downloader addon in Firefox. There are some videos that the YouTube addon cannot download, but using Clipgrab seems to do the trick. Plus music from YouTube too, downloaded as MP3 format or Wav and OGG.