Youtube lock`s up

I think i have some sort of a browser problem as videos on YouTube either wont fully load or i can`t logon in the first place but i can 50% of the time do a web search for youtube videos and accees yt through it but not directly @ could this have something to dop with theDNS resolver or would it be the browser - All 3 of them as i have the same problem with all of them - 3 total.

Could you describe what exactly you mean?


I cant upload a image so it will be a bit difficult. When i try to logon to YT home page i keep getting “Server Not Found” but if i switch to another browser 50% of the time i can logon ok. The other thing is when im trying to view a video it wont load on the browser - if you look at the progress bar it hangs about 1/2 to 3/4 of the way so the video does not load.
I did find a way around this for the most part be doing a search for YT and clicking a link to a video in the se then if it connects i can search for whatever vids i want but this does not work all the time and even a search for YT sometimes the browser wont connect to the se but if searching another term it works ok, so it is functioning 90% of the time but their is a problem somewhere, including the dns resolver, i keep,getting resolving host but only loops and times out…I hope this helps. PS. I can connect from my smart phone even though the rest is happening with my PC running Debian 10.4 on a regular Hdd.

where are you seeing the message “resolving host” and are you using wifi or ethernet (wired)?

Wired / Left lower corner of monitor

can you run a speedtest?