Ziggo Broadcasting Nethrlands

Members of the ZIGGO Netherlands broadband tv who use linux cannot watch internet tv with any browser. Ziggo does not want to support linux. It has always worked well but not since a few weeks,
When you want to start a broadcast: The video is paused. We apologize for the inconvenience. The video cannot be played.
Is there a solution for this?

Maybe you can search on the internet for topics that cover the issue “stream won’t play on Linux” in general and I think it is probable that one of the issues people have with some other streaming service could reflect your problem, too.

Wasn’t there a problem with Netflix and Linux, too?

Yes it has something to do with some licenses (Widevine) to work on Linux. Netflix has solved that problem. Ziggo won’t solve it for Linux users and I am not knowledgeable on this issue.

So maybe you could research others’ solutions for that?

is this an official company position? as in, technical support just flat out refuses to help? are there any competitors in the market that you can switch to if this company doesn’t want to provide adequate or helpful service?

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i found this page which seems to describe the situation you are dealing with. it sounds like (reading the google translated page in english) some folks have gotten either a windows system running as a virtual machine or using a browser loaded through wine to work. definitely doesn’t sound easy, but the comments also tend to bear our your assessment that the company in general doesn’t wish to bother supporting linux.

For his moment it is the right conclusion. We (Linux users) are a minority, not worth to take care of.
Ziggo is the only cable company, earlier known as UPC.

seems to me the quickest thing to test would be to try running brave under wine (in xp or vista mode) as described on page 7 of that comment thread.