Zorin LITE no geo location

owner@AcerPC:~$ cat /etc/*-release
NAME=“Zorin OS”
PRETTY_NAME=“Zorin OS 15.1”

specifically: LITE and the browser is Chromium.

Does not seem to offer geo location capability. The page at


shows a geo location button which does nothing when I click on it. it is circled in the screenshot at the right hand end.

I do not find anything ref. location in the OS or the browser.

are you asking how to turn geo location on or just making a statement that it is not in fact working?

Yes. Both. I am stating the problem, and requesting a fix if possible.

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I tried it. When I click on the location search option, a message popped up on the top left corner asking for permission to know the location.

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are you using the same Zorin version (LITE)???

edit: I lied. When I click on the button, the button turns blue … but that is it. Nothing else. I use the page with Windows 10 and Chrome browser on another machine, and yes, once permission is given, it opens with a new weather page that is local to me. Not with Zorin though.

No but I just wanted to bring your attention that location permission pops up on the left side and when you enable it, then only you’ll be able to use the location search option.

Some people miss that and I wanted to make sure that it’s not the case with you.

It could also happen that you blocked the location access for this site. If that’s the case you should see a red dot like this in the browser:


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Thank you for your input. I m familiar with the feature. Works for me in Windows/Chrome as you describe, but not Zorin. It’s either the OS or the Chromium Browser … I GUESS but I don’t see any controls in either for location.

Also works properly in Chrome OS on a Chromebook.

Edit: Found location control in Chromium, and it is set to ask. I can also whitelist. I turned it off, then back on. The page then ASKED and I said ALLOW, … but after that, no location detection.

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is this the only site where location doesn’t work? what about google maps or open street map?

First, thank you all for the continued support.
Google Maps appeared to work perfectly, A map showing my house opened immediately.

open street map is new to me, but with no account, I found the ‘button’ (show my location) and got an error:

www.openstreetmap.org says
Geolocation error. Network location provider at ‘https://www.googleapis.com/’ : no response received

Do I need an account there???

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i am using bodhi linux (also ubuntu lts-based) and don’t get tracking on from either map or the weather page you shared so i can’t say what the issue is exactly, but even when i logged in to open street map it didn’t show my location.

Some of my research indicates a probability its a Chromium browser bug. Not sure yet, but googling the error shows some similar problems. I have a thread open over at Chromium browser forum, but no reply yet,

I sure appreciate your efforts. Maybe we are both discovering something.


I just now received the following from the Chromium support forum. Says basically, it’s a browser bug.

This is https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/chromium-browser/+bug/1860830 , and is also being discussed at https://groups.google.com/a/chromium.org/forum/#!topic/chromium-packagers/ZytNtRam5II.

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seems like you found what is likely as close as you’ll get to an answer thought i couldn’t find in either link any reference to a fix proposed or otherwise. it sounds a bit like a few months ago when google changed something on their end and the thunderbird email client couldn’t connect to gmail accounts. hopefully they get it sorted soon.

Actually, did not even click on his links. His reply was enough for me. Thank you again for the help.

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