A total beginner installing Linux Mint 19.1 on a Dell Studio 1558 Laptop


You need a different USB Stick and repeat all the steps from my beginner guide.

And you can basically mark this stick as defective and only use it for unimportant stuff, if it works at all.


Didn’t know a stick will work on one device with Windows 7 but not on another with Windows 7…OK, I will buy a new stick and post an update next week…


You’re lucky the stick works at all.


Hey, please don’t do that!
Win XP is abandoned by MS a long time ago.
And I assume you’ll do internet, mail and online stuff with this machine.
So you are very, very vulnerable.
Sadly we can’t help you in person, but we will try to get that notebook(s) to run with GNU/Linux.


I misspoke, I meant I started long time ago, when Windows was XP. Of course, I am not going back to that version. I am on 7.


I used a new stick and a different HDD. ISO checked just fine. Installation took 15 min(?).
Everything works, finally.
Will ask questions if/when in trouble…
Thank you all for getting involved!


Yes, keep in mind:

The old stick is history for now. That was the actual problem you were facing. From now on, everything should be pretty easy.

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