About Those Guidelines Concerning How To Ask for Help

Hi, I just signed up.

The first time I got to the Main Page, there were a few messages or pinned topics to read. I read them, including one with some fairly detailed guidelines on how to ask for help , including distro/version info to supply, commands to run and cut/paste output, utilities to download/install, and possibly some other stuff.

I say “possibly” because I cannot find that post any more, it’s gone. And my memory is already fading. If there is a way to “bring back” this set of guidelines if/for-when I need them I’m afraid I cannot find it.

Can you tell me how to do that, please?

Well, will you look at that! Probably as a result of the word “Help” appearing in the topic of my post, a window popped up next to it headed “Your topic is similar to…” and in the body it had a FAQ link that let me see those guiidelines again! I’m bookmarking it. So I’m good if I’m on this machine and this browser.

Still, it’d be nice to be able to pull it up from itsfoss.community , and maybe there is a way that I’m not spotting?

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I guess, there is a “feature” of the forum software, which automatically unpins every initially pinned post once you read/opened it. I’m not sure if you can change that behaviour, per sé on a per-user basis, but you can certainly re-pin those topics, so they keep being pinned. E.g. one of the guidelines is pinned for me the entire time, while all others have been automatically unpinned a very long time ago.

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Here is a link to the article you are looking for

If you want to keep it handy, you can bookmark it.

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Yes, I did bookmark it when it came up next to my post-in-progress. It’s good that you supply it for other readers, thanks!

You can also click on the pin needle besides the article’s header. By doing so, it will always stay on top of the forum.


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