Another privacy topic: WhatsApp and getting rid of it

I’ve made a couple of privacy & security related posts already; most of them are kept pretty general, regarding the topic.

I stumbled upon this video today:

I think this is a good point to start for people who still use WhatsApp and are not (as) aware of the huge downsides regarding that application (as us). It explains the dilemma and so many issues that arise when using that app, within 10 minutes.

Here are some WhatsApp alternatives:

I consider many of the alternatives to be very bad choices, as I partially outlined here in this incomplete list of bad alternatives.

However, all the alternatives, even the bad ones, are still better than WhatsApp. Any open source messenger is better than WhatsApp, due to a wide range of reasons, most of them are probably obvious to readers of this post.

So, I’d say, pick any messenger you think is nice, and use that one. If you don’t like it, you can still change, as much as you like, as there is enough to pick from.
As long as you get rid of WhatsApp entirely, you already made the very first right choice!


Within 48 hours of that original whatsapp article coming out I was getting notice from clients telling me they had changed to x app and depending on where you live in the world today, I now have certain apps for that area. (what is being pushed in that area at least) Def interesting to watch going forward.

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Well I think WhatsApp is a good app and I don’t really care about them spying, I’m used to it and my friends won’t switch no matter what I say, so sticking with WhatsApp for now

Just wanted to add: The Swiss Federal Court just decided in a ruling against the Swiss Department of Justice and Police that the Swiss messaging service Threema is not obliged to identify their users and to provide any kind of user data to the authorities.

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Amazing! Great news! Makes my day!

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